About Us

SolClean specializes in both full service Commercial & Industrial Cleaning.


We are a Canadian-owned Corporation that has loyal and well-paid staff, trained supervisors and full safety accreditation across the board.


SolClean is about two fundamentals: Love what you Do and Do it right. The SolClean family operates business with a passion for excellence in the cleaning and maintenance sectors of building and facility management. Our leadership team brings over 20 years of cleaning experience and customer satisfaction.


Our core focus is top-quality Commercial, Plant, Machine, Office, Warehouse and Retail cleaning. We have a clear understanding of ROI and the impact our cleaning has on both customer employees and visitor experiences. Our clients range from large manufacturers to small executive offices. We understand the importance of what we do. 


Our customers focus on running their day-to-day operations and managing employees and customers. Our focus is to make sure your business operates in a clean, professionally kept and optimized work space. The results improve employee and customer morale, increase engagement and communication between staff and maintain a level of pride within the workplace that increases overall productivity.


It sounds easy to simply clean. But to maintain years of excellence requires the right programs. At SolClean, our location leaders are trained for consistent accountability, internally reporting and meeting with program directors and externally, providing customers with weekly reports and feedback on operations.


Whether you are looking for daily, weekly or monthly schedules, we are here to support your success, whether you have daytime, overnight or weekend needs. One of our program leaders will meet with you anytime to review your facilities and discuss the services required to both enhance your business and save you money.


Please contact us anytime for more information on working together.



Our Vision:
To be an industry leader in the Canadian cleaning sector that focuses on accountability, integrity and a commitment to cleaning excellence.


Our Mission:
To ensure a high level of sustainable and professional cleaning standards that exceeds our customer expectations and directly contributes to the corporate and operational health of each facility and its employees.


Our aim is to not only provide our customers with the best in commercial cleaning services, but also to guarantee the utmost in Customer Satisfaction.


Our professional  cleaning results come from dedicated local cleaning staff, who are pre-screened, highly trained and are ready to provide you with daytime or overnight cleaning. Our staff conduct themselves in the most professional of manners and carry out their duties quickly, efficiently and in a way so as to minimize disturbance to our customer’s places of business. This includes plant shifts, employee lunches and property.


As a leading Commercial and Industrial service provider, we strive to ensure that we use the best cleaning products, practices, and procedures in the industry. Our services are available on a recurring service basis or for one-off project needs that fit your company’s schedule.  Please call us today for any reason: 905 777 7903