Commercial Office Cleaning

SolClean sets the standard in Commercial Cleaning across Ontario. We carefully review client needs, and provide a clear project plan on the tasks and deliverables. SolClean was originally built as a commercial cleaning powerhouse, with contracts across Southern Ontario. Our focus on detail and precision cleaning is what makes us a landmark pioneer in full service commercial. We offer inner office and warehouse cleaning with focuses on desks, floors, walls, stairs, windows, washrooms and eating areas. We provide all in-house floor buffing, stripping, waxing and painting.

The key to our success has been simple. Enrol everyone at the company in loving what we do, and how much our passion for service can affect other people. We de-brief customer feedback with all staff. We share wins, and discuss improvements. Our Commercial services are transparent and rooted in "old-fashioned hard work." Putting it simply, every member of the SolClean team puts a "little elbow work" into every stroke.
We don't take any Commercial contracts for granted, and value every relationship we have.

Call Mark our CEO today, and he will guarantee every job is "done with love."

"Corners are for walls. Cuts are for cake. We never mix the two, so we never cut corners. That's our secret. That's our promise."

Industrial Machine and Plant Cleaning

The Industrial Division of SolClean includes Deep Cleaning, Machine Cleaning, Plant and Warehouse Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting. We often "gear up" with protective equipment and carefully assess and attack dirty and contaminated facilities and objects.

Our Industrial teams clean Fire and Water damage, Dirty Ovens and Conveyors, Fanuc and ABB Plant Cells and Studor Ops, Entire Warehouses, Plants, Dirty Ceilings and I-Beams, Walls, Floors and everything in between. We use aerial equipment, breathing aparatus, chemical suits, and more to successfully break even the toughest of dirt and damage.

Contact our team for pricing, projects and scheduling. We do everything from 6 months ahead out of province, to last minute and 24 hour emergency jobs. Full Insurance, WSIB and Trained Crews.

905 777 7903

Fanuc and Plant Cells BEFORE

Post Cleaning RESULTS



Janitorial Services

SolClean provides full site Janitorial Services that manage all aspects of cleaning maintenance. We oversee many head offices and large facilities were our janitorial management includes commercial cleaning, product and supply procurement, speciality cleaning and facility management. This extends into painting, industrial, warehousing, landscaping and snow removal. Contact us for questions or quotes that can help improve operations or lower costs. 905 777 7903

Dry Ice Blasting

SolClean specializes in Dry Ice Blasting and machine cleaning across Ontario. We have built a completely sustainable Industrial unit that mobilizes our teams and equipment based on customer needs. We have mostly regular contracts with customers in the Automotive and Food Manufacturing sectors. Our Dry Ice services are combined with our manual Deep Cleaning and we focus on industrial equipment. Examples include ovens, studor ops, Fanuc and ABB Robotic systems and general cage, cell, block cleaning.

We use dry ice as required taking the highest pre-cautions in safety, set-up, equipment preservation and overspray. Dry Ice blasting is a reliable and complicated process that delivers exceptional results. We provide turnkey solutions including all equipment and dry ice. Please contact us to assess your needs or quote on any projects partnerships.

Window Cleaning

Sol Clean offers commercial window cleaning for businesses as part of our commercial business cleaning program.We pride ourselves on the standard of our work, our commitment to Health & Safety, and delivering the best in customer satisfaction. If you have any special window or exterior building needs please speak to an Sol team member on how we can support you.

Carpets & Floors

At SolClean, we provide complete floor maintenance on all surface types espeically on carpets, tiles and hardwood. Using the most advanced technology and equipment for our clients, our staff will have your floors looking sleek, polished, vaccumed, steamed and ready for business. In fact, SolClean started out in the 1980’s as a small boutique flooring company that specialized in carpet, tile and hardwood cleaning for businesses.Today, among the many other aspects, floor maintenance is still part of the original company and close to our hearts. The difference, simply put, is waxing, buffing and striping with love, as if it's your own floor you live on. Call us or email us for Floor Services in Commercial settings. 905 777 7903

Post-Construction Cleaning

At SolClean, our reliable post Construction Cleaning Division is what building developers count on to turn construction zones into habitable buildings. We understand the immediacy required during the post construction phase in order to have the site ready for occupancy. Our crews pay close attention to the smallest of details, making sure that not a print, mark, or stain is left when finished.