Window Cleaning

Sol Clean offers commercial window cleaning for businesses as part of our commercial business cleaning program. We pride ourselves on the standard of our work, our commitment to Health & Safety, and delivering the best in customer satisfaction. If you have any special window or exterior building needs please speak to an Sol team member on how we can support you.

The inside and outside appearance of your business plays an important role in attracting new customers and maintaining an internal morale around cleanliness. For this reason it is very important to keep your windows clean and tidy. Clean windows gives the impression that your business is professional reliable, and maintains high standards. Don’t let smudges and dirt on your windows get between you and your customers, employees or visitors.

We specialize in offering our window cleaning services to:
* Commercial offices
* Warehouses
* Plants
* Lunchrooms
* Corporate buildings
* Retail offices
* Apartments
* Schools
* Hospitals

Contact us now and find out how we can help your keep your windows looking clean and your business looking even cleaner.