Machine and Plant Cleaning

Industrial, Machine and Plant Cleaning

The Industrial Division of SolClean includes Deep Cleaning, Machine Cleaning, Plant and Warehouse Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting. We often "gear up" with protective equipment and carefully assess and attack dirty and contaminated facilities and objects. We work with custmers to understand their needs and expectations. We follow internal safety polices and use best practices to make sure client results allow for return to work, minimal workflow disruption and zero damage to localized area. 

Our Industrial teams clean Fire and Water damage, Dirty Ovens and Conveyors, Fanuc and ABB Plant Cells and Studor Ops, Entire Warehouses, Plants, Dirty Ceilings and I-Beams, Walls, Floors and everything in between. We use aerial equipment, breathing aparatus, chemical suits, and more to successfully break even the toughest of dirt and damage.

Contact our team for pricing, projects and scheduling. We do everything from 6 months ahead out of province, to last minute and 24 hour emergency jobs. Full Insurance, WSIB and Trained Crews.

905 777 7903

Pre-Clean BEFORE

Over 3 Tonnes of Dust and Dirt removed

Post-Clean AFTER

Fanuc and Plant Cells BEFORE 

Post Cleaning AFTER