Janitorial Services

This section covers SolClean Janitorial and Cleaning Services across Southern Ontario.

Janitorial is a term referring to the caretaking of a building or facility. At SolClean, we focus on the caretaking aspect. We clean and maintain our customer facilities as our own. No Exceptions.

Our Janitorial Services are led by our highly trained staff that focus on the needs of our specific customers. We provide extensive Janitorial services including:

* Washroom and Lunchroom Cleaning and Upkeep
* Supplies replenishment
* Floor Cleaning, Garbage and Recycling
* Window Cleaning (Interior and Exterior)
* Sanitizing and Disinfecting (All Areas)
* Dusting, Vacuming and Buffing
* Carpet Cleaning

All aspects of Janitorial Services are covered at SolClean, making sure that our clients are always left with a top quality result. We often tailor our packages to the needs our clients, and a site survey will help determine the best strategy on ensuring long-term cleaning success.

There are a lot of different reasons to explore new Cleaning and Janitorial partners. Some of our customers are looking to switch out of existing contracts due to costs, lack of reliability or just a disconnect with the current provider. Some of our clients switch from in-house services to outsourced due to a switch in the business model. Sometimes, customers were just unaware of certain cleaning strategies that help improve the bottom line, employee culture and the overall level of integrity within a facility. 

We provide frequent inspections to ensure the quality of our work upholds the highest standards of cleanliness. Book a site meeting today if you have questions about your current programs or how to take advantage of new ones whether by lowering costs, increasing services or consolidating process. 

For more info or a return call within 1 hour, please contact us at:

Info@wordpress-1018059-4264451.cloudwaysapps.com or through our office at 1 888 920 9830 

Thank You! And continue having an amazing day! 

The SolClean Team