Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and other soft furnishings are beautiful decorations to have for any office or commercial setting. The one, consistent challenge is long term maintenance. Whether it be visitor or front entrances, employee lounges or lunchrooms, we see a lot of mony spent on furnishings. It’s equally important to ensure the long-term ROI on these investments which helps maximize both the visitor and employee experience. Properly maintained carpets help to increase their shelf life as well as contribute to a reduction in allergies and air born irritants in the office space that often impact attendance and job performance.

We offer fire retardant, anti-stain, and anti-static treatments for all your carpets, curtains, upholstery, and cushions. We guarantee that your carpets will be spotless, stain free, and properly cleaned.

Carpet Service

Our carpet cleaning team is highly trained, professional, and experts in proper carpet maintenance. They will leave your carpets looking well maintained and cared for. The better you look after your carpet the longer it will last, reducing future expenses and increasing the return on the original investment.Our mobile staff can deal with routine or daily cleaning as well as one-time, difficult stain removals. They use the method that is right for the job, from hot water extraction to a rotary brush systems. We can also repair, seam, and stretch your carpets if necessary. We use a dry chemical method for lightly soiled areas that just need freshening up. It’s quick and thorough; the area dries in less than two hours with minimal workflow interruption.

A planned maintenance program ensures that significant deterioration doesn’t occur and that all items are maintained in pristine condition allowing for a healthy and safe environment.

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