Simple Tips And Tricks To Improve Office Organization


A clean, organised workspace does wonders for business, not only will it benefit productivity and office morale but it also makes a positive and professional impression with coworkers and superiors alike. Keeping your office clean and organised doesn’t have to be difficult with these simple tips and tricks for office cleaning.

Clear The Clutter

Take a walk around the office and try to separate what your business needs. Most offices accumulate a lot of clutter, especially older companies. This unwanted clutter may comprise of unopened junk mail, old receipts, paperwork and even garbage. Begin the process by creating three different piles to help organise the sorting process. The first pile is to be used for items that are clearly disposable, trash or items that no longer serve a purpose. The second pile is meant for things that need to be stored, and the third pile is for items you are feeling undecided about. Once you have completed all of the sortings, take the first pile and throw it all out! Then use the new found space to find more efficient storage for items in the second pile. Then take another look at your third pile, try to make some decisions and move some of the items into your new found storage area or intro the trash. With the remaining items place them into an out of the way container and slowly go through it as you have the time to make some decisions.

Pause Before Placement

Whenever bringing something new into the office, even if it is only temporarily take a few minutes to think about its purpose. Is the item truly necessary to the effectiveness of your business and if not it does not belong there. Clutter can creep up on you, and it starts when you begin placing things around the office that do not need to be there.

Make Use Of Organizers

Organisers were designed for a reason, to make your life easier and your business run smoother. Anywhere from large file cabinets designed with accordion folders that store files in limited spaces or compressed shelving, there is an organiser built to accommodate just about anything you may find in a modern office. Organisers can help you optimise the space you have and have the materials resources you need readily accessible.

Put Procedures In Place

When cleaning supplies are accessible, and maintenance strategies are in place for employees to easily manage them, then cleaning becomes a much easier task to complete. Setting up a supplies closet that employees can use to clean up small spills or messes on a daily basis to maintain a clean environment.

These simple tricks and tips will help your business keep it clean and organised and put their best foot forward each and every day.


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