How Often Should The Cleaning Company Come To The Office?

There is no one right answer. For every office, there are different needs and demands;and to successfully satisfy those varying needs every office will require different services at different times. This is why this question has become challenging for businesses, especially those with unique circumstances around cleaning needs.  However, there are some best practices that[…]

Is Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service The Right Choice For Your Office?

Professional cleaning services aren’t for everyone, but they work for a lot of people.  There are many benefits to be gained from using a professional cleaning service ranging anywhere from boosting workplace wellness, maintaining office aesthetics and maintenance and damage prevention. Many businesses see these benefits and value behind a professional cleaning service, but some[…]

Professional Cleaning Services Are Your Office’s Best Defence Against Workplace Illness

It happens all the time, someone in the office gets sick and then all of a sudden like a chain of dominoes everybody is down with the flu.  It happens due to “cross-contamination”. When bacteria travels between people within the workplace environment, usually through interpersonal interaction, using the same communal spaces and equipment, or sharing[…]

Construction Site Cleaning – Tips To Get It Right

Unfortunately, business owners who’ve just completed a new construction or renovation of their property often forgets the cleanup essentials. Demolition and construction projects can create huge amounts of dust and debris! Every nook and cranny is hosting piles of dust and some sneaky scary insects who had a chance to come and squat there while[…]