How Often Should The Cleaning Company Come To The Office?

ponderThere is no one right answer. For every office, there are different needs and demands;and to successfully satisfy those varying needs every office will require different services at different times. This is why this question has become challenging for businesses, especially those with unique circumstances around cleaning needs.  However, there are some best practices that companies can follow to ensure they are not over or under using professional cleaning services. Using professional cleaning services efficiently is imperative as the appearance and atmosphere of an office space directly affects employees, customers and clients and just about anyone who walks through that door.

The first best practice is to think about the logistics. Aspects such as how large the building in, how many employees are present daily, what areas of the office are used or unused etc. All of these details add to the complexity of deciding how often the cleaning company should come and should be noted before making any decisions.

The second best practice is to separate cleaning tasks into two groups, daily and not daily. By setting some tasks as daily cleaning routines, it ensures that what needs to be done gets done instead of unnecessary tasks that can be scheduled for a later date as not to waste time and resources. The daily tasks will help the office maintain a general level of cleanliness that promotes well-being and effectiveness.

The third best practice is to highlight tasks that are crucial to the daily routine. For example employee washrooms or communal areas such as the kitchen that are at a higher risk of becoming breeding grounds for bacteria. These two spaces and their cleanliness directly affect employee morale and mental wellbeing and overall health, failing to keep up with cleaning these areas could have a severely negative impact in the workplace. Other tasks that may be imperative to the daily routine are tasks that deal with equipment such as computers that have vents that should be dusted daily to prevent failure and issues arising with the equipment.

The fourth and final best practice to follow as a guideline when deciding how often your office needs cleaning services is highlighting areas of first impressions. First impressions are critical to a business, and a bad first impression is hard to erase. By highlighting areas where people receive their first impressions, such as the entrance way, business front, etc. you can ensure that these areas are maintained and cleaned regularly such as weekly, if not daily.

If your business follows these four best practices, it should become clear as to exactly how often your office needs cleaning services. The question may be challenging, but it isn’t rocket science!



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